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Release v1.03 – Beta Version

Important! Our company does not encourage breaking spamming or breaking TOS for various web services. The user should make sure that his actions of using the software are not construed as spam.

* Facebook Like Comment/Page/Post
* Facebook Post Comment..
* Youtube Like
* Facebook signup
* Twitter signup
* Email accounts yandex/gmx/gmail-no-phone
* Choice of browser emulations
* Twitter unfollow/follow/tweet/favorite/comment
* HTTPS Proxy support – eg. SSL PROXY.
* Captcha solver via manual or deathbycaptcha.
* Recaptcha solver.
* Custom browsers.
* Multitasks.

Verified working
* Twitter follow/unfollow using non browser emulation.
* Twitter create account.
* Twitter fetch oauth.
* Facebook like page.
* Youtube like.
* Https Proxy.

This is still a very early beta but very useful software version. Handle with care.

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