All latest updates for FyteSocial.


* Rename brand.
* Add license period of 3 months.
* Allow custom firefox location. Better general use of firefox module.
* Some null pointer checks.
* Fixed a generic bug with various sources.. shoudl run faster now.
* Some specific language interface specific choices.

* Generic UX retouch.
* Fixed some more items on facebook visualizations and UI.
* Figures some relics in code that should allow interfaces correcly on FB code.

* Fixed wierd items with multisubmit.
* Removed some extra non needed account options in single submit.
* Remove all key where not needed.
* Fixed more serialization bugs for properties due to new added fields.
* Fixed add an example hint for twitter follower syntax.
* eclipso plugin fixes… eclipso now correctly identifies as creating email accounts.
* More all keyword fixes… fix up guidance for Twitter follow.
* updated email definition sheet.


* Verify twitter email using socks5 and normal browser.
* Add 2 boxes UI for this.
* Fixed issue with user name unliked in software..
* Add some limited email verification support in extensions.
* Cleaned some odd namings in Signup twitter form.
* Fixed some messed up fields for signup youtube/gmail.com
* Fixed some fields incorrect in gmx/yandex/etc.
* Fixed an email bug where should only read new unread confirmations.
* More signup email fixes where signup worked but reports came negative.
* Verified proxy5 support for webbrowser and email.
* Fixed issue with barely visible scrollbars.. now these are more visible..
* Add intl support for gmail.. but not complete verify… not sure if it works need new proxy list.
* Reporting for youtube/gmail made better.
* Speed up for phantomjs.


* Fixed multipage gmx validation
* Fixed manual captcha crash
* Fixed fields changes for yandex
* Fixed fields changes for twitter .. should still add account
* Added proxy support for socks5.
* Change wording on various forms.

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