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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Quite a bit of fixes dealing mostly with:
* PInterest cases sensitive on newer OS.
* PInterest confirm email.. process better.
* Fix some missing fields.
* GMX more fixes for sporadic issues.
* Some cosmetic fixes because software was wierd in certain cases.


* Allow FB schedule post with PIC
* FB mass add
* multiple line texts permitted for messages.


Fixes for blocked threads in Twitter/Pinterest.


Added beta PInterest Module.
* Schedule Pinterest posts/campaigns to boards
* Follow based on interests
* Unfollow non-follow.
* CreateApp/CreateAc
* Fetch OAUTH
* Mass like.

Known bugs:
* For really large user accounts twitter 75k above and pinterest 100k (to verify) or above, UNFOLLOW currently unavailable. This will be fixed shortly. Perhaps, for such larger accounts, pure num based UNFOLLOW would be better.
* Older version in folder as 1.2, in case needed.

Older updates (v-1.20):

Added scheduling for tweets functionality as this was missing (see previous post)
Verified more things for posts.
Fixed more things in Tweets.
Fixed an issue with updates. Updates are now always available to the end user.
Also proper java version is required for install.
Fixed issue with web emulation failing to start up on certain newer browser versions.
What is in the newest release?

Twtr functionality such as follow/unfollow via oauth.
Twtr gen accounts
scheduled tweets. Works can have sporadic issues with large pictures, so keep reasonable sized picture.
email gen accounts (includes gmail and ytbe like)
What is somewhat tested but might have unexpected behavior in the newest release?

Twtr browser follow/unfollow.
Facebook modules.
What is not in this release

mass facebook invite accepts.
facebook account creator.

Next Release

We are dropping a new release VERY soon.. it does have PInterest modules in it.. (PInterest alpha to beta work)