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How do I setup OAUTH for the twitter/pinterest accounts?

1) First, you should create an account using the software.

2) Then, create an application manually via twitter or automatically via pinterest using the rules below. Please follow when creating an app:
* You should create a test app with UNIQUE, GENERIC description and title (ex: TestApp3423/Twitter learning app).
* Your app and description should NOT REFER to our software/website (which is beta) or trademarks unless we APPROVED via email for this.
* FyteSocial reserves the right to make an official app at a certain point in the future. However, for now, a generic test app should be used.
* The oauth app should ONLY be a test app(non-reviewed) for the software to work.
* Should you encounter difficulties or want additional info/help concerning this, please let us know.
* When generating an app title or description, do not use terms that indicate breaking service(s) TOS (eg: mass spam or mega follow pyramid) or are offensive to OTHERS.
For now, FyteSocial is a beta test library that allows you to use the API. Following the rules above should minimize potential issues until a more concise procedure is found.

3) Look up required costumer secret/key (for twitter only)..
4) In the OAUTH software form, retrieve the oauth.  Then, you should be able to use the application in the software.
5) IMPORTANT NOTE: a twitter app CAN be used across multiple accounts so, normally, you would only need to create one app for such cases.
6) IMPORTANT NOTE2: Certain actions only require account and not OAUTH.

What phantomjs would you recommend?

Most tests were done in 1.9.8, we can revise in the future.

Is any of the functionality affected by location?

Certain software functionality only works in US proxy based zones. This is however for corner case situations as most functionality is same regardless of ip location.

How to set email verification?

Email verification information is located in the EmailConf files. One format is:
// use the following format (note inbox name likely INBOX unless google): gmail.com:gml.com;server.com;port;protocol;ssluse;inboxname eclipso Port 993 -: SSL paid only..

What gets matched is email suffix after @. Note that gmail needs owner settings enabled for smtp. Other email services work better. outlook.com is beta for now.

NOTE: For web emulation, what would you recommend?

You should use web driver option more often as it allows additional functionality.  It was also more thoroughly tested.  While phantomjs option will allow invisible run time and it does work for most cases, the webdriver part does for example contain some very advanced controls support.

What sign-ups are automatic in version 1.0x ?

For now, facebook is not automatic due to phone verification. Twitter is autosign + auto confirm in GMX/yandex. GMAIL is automatic depending if the ip was used in previous account creation or not. Email account creation is automatic for yandex/gmx. Fetch OAUth is mostly automatic.

What proxy mechanisms are supported ?

SSL http proxy with IP based auth is recommended for all cases. A good website is sslproxy.com, which gives access to such proxies. One can try with other types of proxies.. however, such proxies might not work under certain configurations.

How do you create custom automated tasks?

Most tasks use java style action recording along with java exports. Once you have the script in place, just click on the bat file and it should work. . In the software, there will be full list of examples and detailed walkthrough. Most of the code is automatic. Code editing is sometimes done. However, that is described in the examples such that a simple mapping works for such cases.

Please check the plugins directory. You should edit the bat file to point to the java JDK version needed.  You can record and export into java format by running the selenium webdriver tools.  You should change the java code to use the corresponding interfaces for FyteSocial as in the examples.  For more questions, please contact us.


What is needed for facebook OAUTH?

One can use GraphExplorer to receive FB OAuth. However, this is only necessary when using non-browser emulation. Besides graph explorer, normal apps can be used.

What are various modes supported for the web emulation?

You can switch from WebDriver to PhantomJS in the menu. PhantomJS should be least visible for now. On each TASK, you can switch between API (via OAUTH) or the browser emulation.  API is preferred for most cases.

How do you automatically solve captcha/recaptcha ?

For captcha/recaptcha, you would need a deathbycaptcha account.  This is enabled via the menu. The alternative is manual prompt. CaptchaSniper support (similar) is in the works.

How does one set timings or multiple accounts tasks for the software?

Timing is available under each task. One should be careful as the time choices are NOT always described as msec or sec. Hence, one can get confused.  In order to create multiple accounts, use “acc1|acc2” syntax. This must be done for each text field, for the number of tasks. For proxy/account choices, when in doubt, choose all. In the latest build, some extra params have been added for future task randomization.

What are the KNOWN issues in this release?

Actually, this is important…   The preferred way to run the software is via “Run Task” instead of run all tasks.   Cancelling all tasks could sometimes lead to extra memory consumption. This release does not have HINTS on how to input fields.  Therefore, error handling when inputting fields could have some confusion. Finally, if browser emulation blocks or fails to complete, the following directory should be cleaned for web driver profiles C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Local Settings\Temp . It is unclear if we would switch to using the same profile always in future releases.

How does one clean web driver profiles ?

The following directory should be cleaned for web driver profiles C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Local Settings\Temp . It is unclear if we would switch to using the same profile always in future releases.

What has been tested in this release and what is to be expected?

Read disclaimer about this release. Keep in mind that this is an experimental software and modules evolve over time.  For this release, twitter signup, twitter account follow/unfollow have been verified as working using the OAUTH API as of the post date.  Youtube autolike has been tested.  GMX/yandex sign up has been tested.  For a list of bugs, please visit the forum. As always, do not assume that proxy would work for your particular task.  One can use a wireshark tool or other means to ensure that proxy works for a particular task or feature.  The libraries are running using proxy, but always JRE’s, libraries etc are evolving. We aim to address potential issues ASP.  So, let us know and we will be most expedite to help.  Due to size of our shop.. emails might be answered slowly. However, this is solely due to available staff.